Regular Meetings & Groups

Sunday Services

Our Sunday morning service is held in the chapel and starts at 10:30am whilst the evening service is at 6pm. There are occasional exceptions to the rule and we advise that you check the Circuit Plan, Jan-Feb-March-April to confirm details. Morning services last about an hour and will often include a children’s talk, praise & worship, prayer and a sermon. An offering will be collected at some point and the act of Holy Communion may also be observed. Once a month we have a family service where the children from junior church join the congregation for the duration in what is a more light hearted approach aimed at the whole family to enjoy. Often the junior church (ACE) will take an active part in the running order – perhaps by giving a drama or performance of some sort. Evening services are more tradition by nature and generally comprise of worship, prayer and a sermon.

Junior Church (ACE)

ACE (Amazing Christian Experience) meets every Sunday morning from 10.30am until the end of the service – approximately 11.30. We provide a friendly environment for youngsters from 3 years until they are ready to join Church members in the service. We use Disney type DVDs monthly which contain Bible stories and develop these themes during the month. We join church members on the third Sunday of each month for a lively Family Service when the young people take part which encourages confidence and ensures that they see church as an interesting and relevant part of their lives. We also hold ‘special’ mornings when we use drama, music, cooking or games to enliven their learning. We divide into classes after an initial ‘family time’ which means we can cater for our young people at the level of their understanding. We make every effort to ensure that our faith has action by partaking in the annual shoebox scheme, corresponding and supporting a child in India and responding to appeals in the wider world. We join the congregation for 10-15 minutes each Sunday which helps the children develop a sense of reverence and the congregation enjoy hearing what the young people have been doing which cultivates a good family atmosphere.

Contact Sam Armstrong (07595-218886) for details

Buggies & Brunch

Buggies & Brunch is a friendly and welcoming group open to anyone caring for a 0-5 year old. It is held at Swanmore Methodist Church every Thursday (term time) from 9.15am – 10.45am and will typically include the following:

• Brunch (Filter coffee, croissants, fruit juice, toast, fresh fruit)

• Free play (With toys and children’s play equipment)

• Activities (Singing, instruments, action songs, storytelling, drama, puppets)

• Work (Craft work based on the theme for the week)

For further details, please contact us by email.

Prayer Chain

For matters requiring urgent prayer such as crisis situations or medical emergencies, a number of our church members operate a prayer chain through which Gods love flows and prayers are circulated. Prayer requests are received from a prayer box located in the church, through phone calls from members of the congregation or from individuals via email. When a request for prayer is received it is passed to the coordinator who will call the first nominated person in the chain. That person will then contact the next person in the chain and so on until the end of the chain is reached and the coordinator is contacted to ensure the prayer has been circulated. Each member of the chain will put the person or situation in their thoughts and prayers for as long as is deemed necessary. While the knowledge of some situations and people will be widely known, many are confidential and are treated as such.


Coffee & Craft

10-12am on a Tuesday in the hall

Contact: July Jurd

Food & Fellowship

A small group of people who meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month at noon to look at a Bible passage over a bowl of soup.  None of us are Bible scholars so it is a very simple study where you can contribute or just listen!!   Why not come along and give it a try.  You will receive a warm welcome!!

Contact: Mavis Daniels (01489 892148) for further details.

Tuesday Ladies Club (TLC)

TLC meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm in the church hall. There is a varied programme of speakers and trips. Subscriptions £2 per meeting unless specified in the TLC programme 2018-2019 which can be downloaded here or from the download page of the website.

Contact Mavis Daniels (01489 892148) for further details.

Who Let the Dads Out!

Who Let The Dads Out? is a group for dads, grandads, uncles, male carers and their pre-school age children.
Come and enjoy a relaxed play session with breakfast for all including bacon butties, fresh coffee and tea, juice, toast and crumpets.
Come and try some simple craft with your little ones, chat with other dads and chill out!

Starting on Saturday 15th September, sessions will run from 09:30 to 11:30.

Next dates: 20th October, 17th November, 8th December (normally the third Saturday of the month). Please check back soon for 2019 dates.

Just £1 for child and adult plus 50p for extra children.

Please email for more information:

Contact: Graham Pearce